Order wide wedge sandals

Order wide wedge sandals

A Brilliant Selection Of wedges

Best slide in wedge sandals

Founded in the late nineties in Tel Aviv, Antelope is a stunning quality label of wedge sandals for women.Antelope focuses on creating a variety of shoes, anything from high-heels in different heights to flat shoes or sandals as well as platforms and medium, short, and high wedges In every brown wedge shoes line there is an abundant repertoire of variations to suit a versatile range of customers with diverse tastes : clogs & mules, ankle boots, knee-high boots, open back shoes, open toe or closed toe sandals, and so much more Here anyone can find her most preferred style of wedge shoes.

Each Pair Of womens mules Receives Maximum Care And Attention

Our production, which comes bi-annually, is stuffed with astonishing creativity that produces the finest product for all fashion prospects. The achievements of Antelope since it was the beginning can be attributed to working with the choicest raw materials in help make our products. We work best under strict quality assurance guidelines to produce the highest quality brand of products. Here in Antelope, we adhere to the highest standards in our work methods to create products that rise above expectations. Our airtight manufacturing techniques ensures excellent final products. The major difference is that we pay close attention to every detail whilst producing low wedge heels.

Stay Comfortable While Feeling Gorgeous

To continue the creation process, raw materials are being attentively picked. All of the platform sandles are created from stunningly supple, top-quality leather. With every platform shoes sandals, the leather is treated manually for brushing and finishing to make it look attractive and give it a character. In certain cases, the hide goes through the process of manual immersion as it used to be done in ancient times; on other occasions, the upper undergoes metallic treatments for a more radiant and special appearance. To maintain the foot aired at all times, the insoles and lining are also dressed in lush-and-soft leather. And when it comes to the construct of platforms and wedges, then we certainly can’t fail to mention of such qualities like comfort, lightness, softness, durability, and uniqueness. Those who have to do a lot of walking and standing in their job can still enjoy high heels, if that’s their preference, because these are designed to be suitable also for those activities.

women’s wedge sandals Is An Absolute Pleasure To Wear

Why black wedges booties ?

Speaking of Antelope’s attention on the minute details to make a big difference, look at the handmade stitches of flex yarn, the nonconventional cuts of uppers, the arrangements of buckles and zips, the handwoven straps , and so many more authentic and artistic elements.The exhilarating gaiety of Antelope’s women mules is refreshed and revived season after season; the diverse color spectrum enables every woman to find her allure of interests and hues. These might come through as cold hues the likes of gray, blue, teal, or make-up; or quite the opposite, they could be warm colors such as coffee, tobacco, mustard, tan, or taupe. There are also striking tones of pink and chartreuse in the mix; to complement all these, there is a choice of metallic array, like bronze, pewter, silver, and gold. And, of course, the ever-so-classy color, black – the ultimate choice for many women.

playform sandals In Unique Arrangements From Around The World

Antelope is completely dedicated to creating current, signature models of wedge shoes every year. And to become conversant with the newest trendy style innovations, our ingenuious workforce journey around the world to explore diverse cultures and arts. We consider that these kinds of adventures help to boost imaginative spark and influence our team to create current shoe signatures. Our products are widely acknowledged in a number of places world over thanks to its longevity, convenience, and fantastic designs. From The united states to Canada to Europe, down to Australia, The far east, and, of course, Israel, our shoe styles are gaining relevance. Antelope is focused on growing its market access into other growing stores in Asia and Africa, where our shoe designs will be greatly treasured. To order our range of platform sandals for women, simply pay a visit to your local fashion retailers in your location.

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